LED light boxes, wall mounting

Product types

LGP Slim Panel

20 mm  profile
Up to approx. 2 m2


100 mm profile
Up to 2 x ∞ m


55 mm or 150 mm profile
Up to 50 x 5 m

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Overview of features

  • Free formats from 0.5m2 to 50 x 5 m
  • Profile thickness 20 mm – 150 mm depending on use
  • Individual, exchangeable motif prints
  • Optimal, even, homogenous lighting
  • Innovative light technologies, high-power, long-life LEDs
  • Various dimmers possible: manual, automatic, DALI,...
  • Pre-installed LEDs, no electrician required for assembly
  • Quick and easy assembly through plug & play
  • Convenient shipping thanks to dismantled parts

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Product Information


Primex manufactures LED light boxes in a variety of options and various LED technologies for a wide variety of applications, ensuring that bright, homogenous illumination can be guaranteed in every format.

The light box system

The light boxes are installed directly onto the wall or built into it, and can thus create visual highlights on individual areas or whole walls. The system consists of an aluminium frame, covered with an individual, high-resolution textile print. The thickness of the frame will depend on the requirements in size and use. The textile frame is installed quickly and easily with no need for special tools; subsequently, the textile print is simply stretched onto the frame using the rubber piping system.

Flexibility & design

The textile print is produced according to your own individual colour or motif templates.

The textiles can be exchanged easily to adapt to an advertising campaign, season or a new room design. We manufacture the light boxes in your required format, as an individual order or as part of a major project.

Lighting technology & dimming

The LEDs are low-maintenance, cost-efficient and can be supplemented with a manual or automatic dimmer, also with DALI control. The lighting frames have a standard light temperature of up to 6,500 Kelvin, which creates a neutral light that renders the colours of the textile print perfectly. Alternatively, the light technologies can be used to produce a warm light temperature or a coloured light with RGB control.

Print quality & environmental protection

The textile print is characterised by brilliant colours and a high-resolution printing quality, and is wrinkle-free. Environmentally-friendly, water-based inks are used in the printing process.

Transport & assembly

For logistical optimisation, our lighting frames are mainly shipped unassembled and can also be placed in separate packages so that they can be transported in even small vehicles. On-site assembly is quick and easy, and requires no electricians, thanks to the plug & play system.

Select the ideal product for your application – whether in shop fitting, for trade shows or in architecture, our team is happy to advise you.

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