Acoustic free forms

Product types

Geometric forms

40 mm deep

Selected free forms

40 mm deep

Individually tailored free forms

40 mm deep

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Overview of features

  • Free forms as ceiling sails
  • Frameless look "Pure" in white
  • Panel thickness 40 mm
  • Variable hanging height
  • Geometric forms, selected or individually tailored free forms
  • Fire protection Class A2 (DIN 4102)
  • Room acoustics for a perfect atmosphere

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Product Information

Effects of acoustics

Whether in offices, schools, sports halls, hallways or kindergartens, good acoustics are important in every aspect of our everyday life. Through implementation of the acoustically-effective free forms of the “Pure” range, you can reduce reverberation, create a pleasant room acoustic, and at the same time bring a reduced style to the room.

Frame system, flexibility & design

The elements can be mounted on the ceiling, bringing a simple elegance to the office as geometric forms such as circles or squares. Creative free forms are used in schools and kindergartens. They can be selected from our portfolio (e.g. clouds, dolphins or butterflies) or you can define your own individual free form.

Fire protection

With the “Pure” free forms, we offer a simple and elegant solution, which at the same time satisfies the “non-flammable” requirements of fire protection class A2 in accordance with DIN 4102.

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