Trade shows

Trade shows always shine a spotlight on the company. The systems must be quickly and easily assembled and dismantled, whilst, at the same time, the requirements in quality and look are particularly high. Primex offers various textile frame systems that are ideally suited to trade shows.

  • Quicker and easier assembly and dismantling
  • Easy delivery through the ability to dismantle and divide pieces
  • Modular systems for flexible, repeated use
  • Plug & play – luminous solutions assembled without requiring an electrician
  • Combined functions and look

Primex modular trade show construction solutions

Modularity & flexibility

Our aluminium frames and light boxes form the basis for illuminated and non-illuminated trade show stands. The elements can be implemented as a modular system so that the same system can be used at different trade shows with different sizes of stands. This flexibility is combined with a consistent look – the transitions of the individual frames are invisible, whether as non-illuminated or as light frames. Only the textile print is produced specifically to suit the size of the stand, and can be exchanged effortlessly.

Product diversity

Light elements such as light boxes, light steles, luminous counters, hanging or standing light cubes or pillars create the optical highlights that make the exhibition booth stand out amongst the masses.

Naturally, the textile tension frames are also available without lighting and can be freely combined.

Lighting technology

The pre-assembled LEDs and the simple installation of the plug & play system will save you time when building and dismantling the illuminated solutions. Here, we guarantee a homogenous, even lighting to show the quality and value of the company or product in their best light.

Multifunctional elements

The Cube Solid profile can be used both as a design and a functional element. Installed as a presentation desk or counter, it can simultaneously function as a shelving system and storage space for brochures, visiting cards and giveaways. Even furnishing elements such as stools or lounge tables can be created from the sturdy profile.

Transport & assembly

For easy transportation, all aluminium profiles can be dismantled to the size required so that they can be transported even in small vehicles. Large vehicles requiring complicated arrival and departure permits are redundant. On-site assembly is quick and easy, and does not require any special tools or electricians.