A shop’s design influences whether customers feel at home. It increases the amount of time the customer spends in the shop and has a positive effect on purchase behaviour. Elements that combine function and design are necessary to benefit from this connection.

  • Flexible frame systems for every requirement
  • Fast adaptation to seasons or promotions
  • High-quality elements to represent the high value of the brand
  • Use of light boxes to showcase and highlight products
  • Influence customers' length of stay and purchase behaviour

Store concepts in retail

Product requirements

The overall impression of a retail outlet influences the customer’s purchase behaviour, so the design of a shop is a key component in the company strategy. To integrate decorative elements into the store design, they must be flexible and at the same time represent the status and value of the shop. Decorative areas must be quickly and easily exchangeable to save time and money when adapting to the season or a promotion. Additionally, the stores depend on long-term solutions and a flexible, innovative and dependable supplier.

Primex services

As a manufacturer, Primex is able to adapt and develop products quickly. Our employees and the quality of our products are clear testimonies to our reliability. Thanks to our experience in the retail sector, we can provide our customers with comprehensive consultancy services for product specifications, motif selection, logistic optimisation and much more.

In-shop lighting elements

Light effects

The use of light boxes creates a pleasant atmosphere in the shop, one in which customers feel at home. It increases the amount of time the customer spends in the shop and has a positive effect on purchase behaviour. In addition, the light boxes can also create highlights and deliberately guide the customers’ attention.

Product diversity & benefits

The light boxes can be implemented as light panels, luminous ceilings, light steles or as luminous cubes or pillars. A variety of textile frames enable the implementation of extremely varied store concepts.


The Primex lighting frames can be fitted with a manual or automatic dimming function which can be connected to the in-house systems. This means that the brightness of the light can be adapted ideally to a change in motif.

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In-shop framing elements

Product diversity & benefits

The various aluminium frame systems can be implemented as single-sided elements for the wall or ceiling, or as free-hanging double-sided elements or steles. Thanks to the high-resolution printed textiles, they offer the ideal advertising space and can be freely designed with product photos, promotions or colour accents. The textile prints can be exchanged easily, thanks to the tension frame system, meaning that motifs can be adapted effortlessly according to the season or promotion. The slimline frames ensure that attention is focused on the motif.

In-shop acoustic elements

Acoustic effects

Acoustics also play an important role in creating a pleasant atmosphere in the shop that positively influences the duration of the customer’s visit and their purchase behaviour. Modern shop design usually includes reverberant surfaces that tend to reflect sound and produce an echo.

Product diversity & benefits

The acoustic situation can be optimised through the use of sound-absorbent acoustic elements such as acoustic pictures, ceiling sails or room dividers. At the same time, the elements offer space for design and advertisement, which can be adapted flexibly to the current promotion thanks to the textile frame system.

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