Office & public facilities

The acoustic situation in the everyday workplace affects personal concentration, well-being and motivation. This has an effect on both the productivity and the long-term health of the employees. Even a normal level of noise makes concentration difficult and can cause long-term stress. Acoustic elements reduce the noise level through sound absorption and create a pleasant working atmosphere as a basis for efficient work performance.

  • Acoustic pictures, ceiling sails, room dividers, baffles
  • Individual motif prints for your office design
  • High-performance absorbers, sound absorber class A
  • Acoustic elements in individual sizes
  • Promotes well-being, concentration and performance
  • Reduces stress and stress-related complaints; fewer days lost to illness

Acoustic situation in the office

Cause of noise

In the daily working routine, we often have to concentrate over long periods of time. But offices are becoming increasingly noisy places: printers beep, telephones ring, colleagues talk. In call centres and most open office spaces, talking with customers is part of the job and can interrupt the concentration of colleagues. In order to conduct an intelligible conversation against a background of such noise, we find ourselves speaking louder and the noise level increases even more – leading to the so-called Lombard effect.

Consequences of noise

Noise levels like this can quickly become a burden, since an employee will have to work harder on the same task as he or she would without the disturbing noise. This situation leads to shorter periods of concentration and stress. If the noise becomes a long-term problem, this can affect the health and can lead to absences from work and an increasing fluctuation. Acoustic elements absorb the noise and create a new-look working atmosphere as well as an ideal acoustic setting.

Learn more about the effects of acoustics in our Acoustics Lexicon.

Acoustic optimisation in the office

Product diversity & sound absorption

Acoustic pictures and ceiling sails absorb sound which would otherwise be reflected by walls and ceilings. This means that the reverberation in the room is reduced and the noise level lowered. Ceiling sails have an even stronger sound-absorption effect, since they are suspended and absorb sound on both sides.

Room dividers can be used to shield working spaces acoustically from each other and to block direct noise between employees. They create a quiet environment, allow privacy and therefore promote concentration and stress-free work.

Acoustic performance of the elements

Our acoustic elements consist of aluminium frames in various thicknesses with fitted sound-absorbent material. The elements are high-performance absorbers tested in reverberation chambers and allow a precise calculation of the optimal acoustic solution.

Flexibility & design

The absorbers are covered with special textiles, which are printed in high-resolution with photos or graphics. This way, they fit into every design and colour concept. The textile prints are easy to exchange and allow flexible design of the space. Thanks to the free choice of motif, employees can also be involved in the design of their workplace.

Effects of optimisation

Through the combination of acoustic optimisation and optical design of the office, the working atmosphere will be sustainably improved and the comfort, motivation, concentration and efficiency of the employees will be positively influenced.

Fire protection

All elements satisfy fire protection class B1 in accordance with DIN 4102. Solutions with fire protection class A2 can also be implemented.