Hotels & living

Lighting and acoustics contribute just as much as design and interior arrangement to how comfortable a person feels in a space. Functional design elements from Primex decorate spaces flexibly and individually, whether in a hotel or exclusive residential properties.

  • Light and acoustic elements in individual formats
  • Free design through exchangeable motif prints
  • Pleasant lighting and optical highlights with lighting elements
  • Sound-absorbing elements optimise the space acoustics

Lighting elements in hotels & living spaces

Effects of light

The effects of light on human beings is diverse. Light influences our perception, our comfort, our hormonal balance, our mood, our ability to concentrate and much more. Here, the brightness and the temperature of the light play important roles in particular.

This influence can be used to great effect in living spaces and hotel rooms in particular. You can open up and widen spaces optically by illuminating the ceilings or walls. Create a cosy atmosphere and a place in which to relax. Or use the lighting frames as a deliberate design element, for example as an eye-catcher in the hotel lobby to create a modern room ambience.

Product diversity & design

Illuminated walls and ceilings create indirect lighting. The elements are covered with individual, exchangeable textile prints, allowing you to design the living space or hotel room with your selected design and colour concept.


All lighting frames are dimmable, either manually or automatically, using DALI controls, enabling the lighting to be adjusted to the room situation.

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Acoustic elements in hotels & living spaces

Cause of reverberation

Sounds are reflected from the high ceilings in older buildings or large new ones, as well as from the smooth walls of smaller rooms, producing reverberant ambient sound. Reverberant materials such as marble, glass or concrete heighten this effect and produce stronger reverberation. In many cases this unpleasant acoustic room situation will not be noticed until later on and can mean stress for guests, inhabitants and employees.

Sound-absorbing elements help to improve the room acoustics and can be retrofitted easily.

Product diversity & sound absorption

Acoustic pictures and ceiling sails absorb sound which would otherwise be reflected from walls and ceilings. They reduce the reverberation and create a pleasant room acoustic and atmosphere.

Room dividers can be used to divide space and produce separate optical and acoustic areas.

Installation, flexibility & design

The acoustic elements consist of an aluminium frame, covered with a high-resolution textile print with your own motifs, photos, artwork and colours. Flexibility is ensured – the textiles are easily exchangeable.

Acoustic performance of the elements

The combination of special textiles and the sound-absorbent material in the frame transform the elements into high-performance noise reducers in sound absorption class A.

Fire protection

All elements satisfy fire protection class B1 in accordance with DIN 4102. Solutions with fire protection class A2 can also be implemented.

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