Health & wellness

The influence on light and acoustics on our well-being has been familiar for a long time. In the wellness and health sector, relaxation and convalescence are of critical importance, so well-being is the focus here. Lighting and acoustic elements create an optically as well as acoustically pleasant atmosphere.

  • Light and acoustic elements in individual formats
  • Free design through individual motif print
  • Pleasant lighting and optical highlights with lighting elements
  • Acoustic elements optimise the room acoustics

Lighting elements in health & wellness

Effects of light

Harmonious light helps people to relax. The right intensity of light and the light temperature work in harmony with a treatment, whether in the wellness sector or in healthcare.

Employees also benefit from pleasant lighting. Concentration and awareness are increased, the everyday working routine is made easier and efficiency is improved to the benefit of the patients.

Flexibility & design

Pleasant lighting has a relaxing effect in the wellness area or in waiting rooms. Printed with a suitable motif, the light wall or illuminated ceiling becomes an optical highlight. The motif can be exchanged quickly and easily, and can therefore be adapted to changes in the design of the room.

Reference Haus Hörn – Light canopy

Lighting elements open up a space. Architect Anja Thede from Darmstadt developed a multifunctional installation in the nursing rooms of the Haus Hörn hospice in Aachen. Primex lighting elements were installed above the beds as a light canopy and supplemented with daylight control. The lighting elements simulate a window to the outside and thus support the daily rhythm of the patient. They are more awake during the day and can sleep better at night. The motifs blend in with the calming colour concept, offer additional visual stimulation and provide variety, as they are exchangeable.

Light for orientation

Light and colour concepts are also used in the healthcare sector to help residents find their way. Horizontal light tracks in halls, selected colour zones and other features are ideal in this respect.

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Acoustic elements in health and wellness

Cause of reverberation

Bare walls and long, wide corridors that reflect noise often produce a high level of reverberation and an unpleasant acoustic in the healthcare sector. This leaves the rooms feeling unwelcoming. But it is particularly important to create a pleasant atmosphere in healthcare facilities so as to allow visitors or patients the necessary relaxation.

The sound is absorbed through acoustic elements, the acoustics are optimised and the design possibilities are endless.

Product diversity & sound absorption

Acoustic pictures and ceiling sails absorb sound which would otherwise be reflected by walls and ceilings. In this way, the reverberation is reduced, creating a pleasant acoustic atmosphere in the room.

Acoustic pictures can be placed on the walls or ceiling sails implemented for this purpose. By using room dividers, spaces can also be separated acoustically and optically from each other, and privacy and quiet zones created.

Installation, flexibility & design

All elements are based on a textile frame and are covered with individually printed, exchangeable textile prints. This means that design remains flexible and the elements can be adapted to suit new colour or room concepts.

Fire protection

All elements satisfy fire protection class B1 in accordance with DIN 4102. Solutions with fire protection class A2 can also be implemented.

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